Manual Stackers

At Pallet Trucks UK, our comprehensive range of manual stacker trucks can solve any lifting conundrum on behalf of a business. Robust and durable, with a myriad of features to boost functionality and safety, these trucks are the crème de la crème of the pallet stackers currently on the market.

With prices starting at around £700 for a basic manual stacker, our range of trucks are the most budget-friendly around – but this doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. Quality assured, our trucks are guaranteed to become a mainstay in every workplace they enter, with sublime performance certain for many years to come.

We have the trucks to meet all of your manual stacking needs – trucks that tilt, galvanized trucks, straddle trucks and trucks with adjustable legs. Lifting loads start from just 500kg all the way up to 1500kg, and there are a myriad of sizes available. Your ideal manual stacking solution can be found right here at Pallet Trucks UK.

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