I-Ton Non Metallic Pallet Truck
I-Ton Non Metallic Pallet Truck

I-Ton Plastic Pallet Truck

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I-Ton Lightweight Plastic Pallet Truck


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Product Description

I-ton: is the only pallet truck in the world made of non-metallic material.


1000kg capacity with fork dimensions of 520x1150mm.
This new techno-polymer compound, based on modern technologies, is higly rigid, robust as steel, the onventional used material and offers some important benefits: It is light, It doesn’t deform permanently, It can be used in a broad temperature range, It preserves its surface characteristics even when it is exposed to external corrosion agents.


Ergonomic for people: Being a special plastic (techno-polymer compound), the I-ton is light, quiet and has great manoeuvrability, making easier operator worklife, even for non professional users.


Ergonomic of handling goods: The I-ton guarantees quality and efficiency, assuring no corrosion, no-rust and no contamination.


Ergonomic for work: It is the hand pallet truck fitting to the widest range of applications, easy to be used by all the operators, guaranteeing a valuable improvement of productivity.
Ergonomic for the environment: The material used for I-ton and the productive process guarantee fewer CO2 emissions during it’s life cycle, at the end of which it can emissions during its life cycle, at the end be easily disassembled and recycled.

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