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Electric Pallet Truck MID-EPT15

In Stock! A 1500kg Fully Electric pallet truck. Reduce strain injuries and improve productivity with trucks that on average last 3 times longer that a standard pallet truck.

Hand Pallet Truck with Double Rollers

Our most popular pallet truck. 2500kg capacity and ideal for Euro Pallets - Available from stock and ready to deliver

MID-PPT18 Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

In stock! A 1800kg Semi-Electric pallet truck. Reduce strain injuries and improve productivity with trucks that on average last 3 times longer that a standard pallet truck.

Wide Hand Pallet Truck

A wider truck ideally aimed at the wider GKN/CHEP type pallets and with a 2500kg capacity - Available in stock and ready to deliver

2.5m 1000kg Manual Straddle Stacker Truck

A popular choice of stacker with a 2.5 metre lift, with both adjustable forks and adjustable legs - it allows this model to pick up both closed design pallets and open design pallets. Available in stock and ready to deliver

350kg Double Scissor lift table Maximum Lift Height 1.5m

A popular model with an array of applications. Available in stock and ready to deliver

Hydraulic Furniture Mover FM180A

Hydraulic Furniture Movers - An ideal solution to delivery or removal of large and bulky items such as Shelving, Cupboards, Safes and Machinery.

Mechanical Furniture Mover FM60

Mechanical Furniture Mover - Can be operated by just one user, great for furniture removal

Featured Products

  • Hand Pallet Truck with Double Rollers

    £209.00 ex. VAT
  • Hand Pallet Truck Wider

    Wide Hand Pallet Truck

    £229.00 ex. VAT
  • 1500kg Fully Electric Pallet Truck

    Electric Pallet Truck MID-EPT15

    £1,275.00 ex. VAT
  • MID-PPT18 Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

    £925.00 ex. VAT
  • PA1015-Manual-Stacker-Truck

    1.5m 1000kg Manual Stacker Truck

    £695.00 ex. VAT
  • Mobile Double Scissor Lift Table

    350kg Double Scissor lift table Maximum Lift Height 1.3m

    £355.00 ex. VAT
  • Forklift Fork Extensions

    4″ Forklift Fork Extensions (60″ Reach)

    £145.95 ex. VAT
  • CT4 Moving Skates

    CT4 Moving Skates

    £59.00 ex. VAT
  • Drum Loader Truck

    Drum Loader Truck

    £210.00 ex. VAT
  • Pallet Truck Chock

    Pallet Truck Chock

    £24.99 ex. VAT


At Pallet Trucks UK, we understand that the trusty pallet truck is one of the integral cogs within the machinery of a functional workplace. As some of the most popular and versatile pieces of equipment in any working environment, business owners need their fleet of pallet trucks to fulfil a number of important criteria. They need hardwearing, durable trucks that will last them for many years, no matter what environment they function in. They need their trucks to have the very best components and to fulfil their purpose to the highest standard. Safety considerations are crucial, and trucks need to conform to all of the relevant legislation. And of course, prices need to be low enough to cater to the differing budgets that each business possesses.

All of the pallet trucks available from Pallet Trucks UK meet and exceed these expectations. Each truck is built to high specification and can carry out important lifting and transporting tasks throughout a workplace for many years. They are equipped with multiple features to improve safety and control of the truck, and they come in a range of sizes, capacities and price ranges.

Enhanced pallet trucks with differing capabilities are also available, with trucks which can manoeuvre over rough terrain or down narrow aisles, as well as low profile and high-lift pallet trucks. We stock galvanized steel trucks which can perform their duties in the most adverse conditions, and we offer a range of specialist pallet trucks which can carry out the niche tasks that a regular truck couldn’t handle.

As well as high-quality pallet trucks, we can cater to any demand for manual handling equipment, whether it is an aerial work platform, a drum loader, a lift table or a semi-electric stacker truck. Pallet Trucks UK is the definitive online shop for all manual handling needs and can speed up operations in any warehouse, factory or distribution centre.

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