Portable Pallet Trucks

We are the leading suppliers of folding pallet trucks to hauliers and courier companies, many of which need to move palletised loads around on the back of large vans, trucks and trailers.

Regular, full-sized trucks can weigh around 75-80kg and are often considered too heavy to use in confined spaces such as truck beds – we offer a range of folding trucks that weigh just 26kg and can move lighter loads of up to 300kg. The ML0308 and the ML0311 are the two models that we have in stock, and both help to make it easier for employees manoeuvring heavy loads in tight spaces.

The portable pallet trucks we offer lift loads by using a leverage system which does not require a hydraulic pump – there maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. When their work is done, the trucks can be folded away for convenient storage or transportation – they can even be hung on a wall to really maximise space.

Our Kingswinford warehouse has both sizes and models fully in stock. If you’d like more information about our portable pallet trucks, browse our range today or call our sales desk for further information: 0845 519 2700.

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